Australia: Best practice for Sustainability

Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Union Switch & Signal) is the Ansaldo STS Group’s sub-holding company in Australia. It employs 450 people at sites in Brisbane, Newcastle, Perth and Karratha.

The company develops and delivers solutions to improve the safety, effi ciency, reliability and environmental performance of Australia’s passenger and freight rail transportation, and has been operational in Australia since 1995.

The way Ansaldo STS Australia conducts its business, and the related fi nancial, economic, social and environmental impacts are strategic priorities to ensure the company’s sustainability and competitiveness. The sustainable products, systems and solutions the company develops for its customers - the owners and operators of Australia’s rail networks play a crucial role in enabling them to meet their sustainability targets.

In 2014 a large proportion of the Australian company’s operations continued to focus on the delivery of advanced technologies to support the capacity enhancementand expansion activities of the Australian resources sector. This included the implementation of Ansaldo STS’ train management systems which support the automation of heavy haul rail, and railway signalling and telecommunication systems that use satellite positioning to reduce maintenance and infrastructure requirements.

Sustained population growth in Australia’s major cities continued to drive new projects in the passenger rail sector, and the company was engaged in the design and deliveryof signalling systems for passenger rail line extension projects on both the east and west coasts of Australia.