Consumption of materials

Ansaldo STS is aware of the contribution that each company can give to safeguarding the world’s resources by adopting policies to reduce the intensive use of raw materials, an objective promulgated by the OECD Council and in the sustainability strategies of many nations.

Iron and steel [t] 104.33 105.23 0
Copper [t] 20.87 22.68 22.68
Lubricant oil [t] 0.05 0.05 1.85
Paper / cardboard packaging used [t] 44.354 59.19 62.27
Paper [t] 109.66 84.46 97.38

The search for increasingly standardised designs and innovation has led to a reduction in the consumption of raw materials directly and indirectly through a reduced use of components. The use of powerful technological platforms integrating several functions in the same subsystem enable Ansaldo STS to reduce the size of equipment and their connectors, using simple and effective systems for scheduling, testing and roll-out.