Mission & Core Values

Our mission

Ansaldo STS combines experience and human, financial and technological resources to provide innovative solutions in the design and construction of equipment and systems for conventional and highspeed railway lines networks and urban rail network signalling and automation for both passengers and freight.

Our commitment to sustainable development can be seen in the countries in which we operate, across five continents, through the widespread application of our business vision, focus on environmental and social issues, and how we foster a collaborative environment and respect for local cultures through our work. The more we make sustainable longterm decisions, the better interaction between our company, society and the environment will be, and this approach gives us competitive edge.

Our values
To achieve its objectives of growth and maintenance of its sector leadership, Ansaldo STS bases its operations on solid, unwavering ethical values and principles. Everyone in its organisation is required to uphold this culture and make the same commitment to ethical conduct, embracing the company’s principles and values.

Ansaldo STS’ values on which it bases its business are: FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS Our technologies safely move millions of people every day. This drives Ansaldo STS to do its best to increase and maintain high level of excellence services for rail transport users. Ansaldo STS exists because of its customers, insofar as the company is able to understand and meet their requirements and expectations, helping them to solve any related problems.

Understanding, studying and developing solutions to improve responses to customers and market offers lie at the crux of Ansaldo STS’ activities, in which work is constantly focused on providing innovative and excellent products that represent the company’s competitiveness on the market.

Customer satisfaction and the development of new products depend on the abilities of the professionals working to achieve them, Ansaldo STS’ employees. This is why Ansaldo STS is a company founded on people. Everyone in the company’s organisation works to make Ansaldo STS a good place to work, where people learn, achieve and celebrate success. Ansaldo STS always prioritises its people and their safety.

None of these operating objectives can be achieved by one person alone. The company’s people work in a single, integrated organisation, capable of making the most of their different cultures and professional training. This team spirit can also be found in managers who ensure cooperation and the growth of the company culture, while achieving the targeted objectives and the company’s mission. Ansaldo STS strongly encourages attainment of its people’s aspirations through team objectives.

If people are to work together effectively, mutual trust must be fostered, and this is only possible if everyone works and acts in a way transparent, loyal, honest and proper way. Similarly, customers must have the absolute certainty that integrity is a fundamental value for Ansaldo STS, and that this value is reflected in its products through utmost care and attention to safety.