Organisational Structure

Ansaldo STS boasts an integrated, global organisation able to provide an adequate response to demand for standardised solutions in the railway transportation market and, in particular, the signalling technology market.

It has four key strategic pillars:

and is based on the coexistence of:


Over the past few years, the market has become increasingly dynamic and competitive, seeing a progressive consolidation of market leaders of ever larger sizes through mergers and acquisitions involving companies in the sector.

This trend, along with the need to adapt to competitive pressure on prices and the standardisation of products and technical solutions, has led Ansaldo STS to decide to revise its organisation to further improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The following are the main elements underpinning the company’s organisational structure:

  • clear organisational identification of a strategic unit directly reporting to the CEO with responsibility for defining strategic guidelines relating to business development and management of the product/ technical solutions portfolio on Ansaldo STS’ markets;
  • identification and organisational segregation of business/project management from the technical performance of projects by establishing the business units and an Operations Unit;
  • identification and clear segregation of the businesses that currently characterise Ansaldo STS’ offer: Railway/ Mass Transit and freight transportation;
  • clear organisational identification of a unit directly reporting to the CEO with responsibility for safety/RAMS (“Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety”);
  • Human Resources (HR & Organisation Unit), Administration, Finance and Control (CFO Unit) and Staff Functions increasingly focused on generating value by acting as business partners to facilitate and support the achievement of the company’s short, medium and long-term objectives.

Accordingly, the main structure consists of the following organisational units directly reporting to the CEO: