Public Relations

Reporting on commitments

  • ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS: continue with the Italian and European research projects that are underway to increase safety, security and environmental compatibility and apply for funding by coordinating new project proposals
The ongoing Italian and European research projects were continued and the company pledged greater commitment, especially for safety (CRYSTAL project) and energy efficiency (MERLIN, OSIRIS and SFERE projects). New projects approved in 2014 to be coordinated by Ansaldo STS are the NEMBO, MODISTA and ERSAT EAV projects. Ansaldo STS is a founding member of Shift2Rail, which will become active in 2015
  • UNIVERSITIES: continue contributing to specialised training in the sector by collaborating with leading Italian and foreign universities and contributing scientifically to post-graduate master programmes
  • Ansaldo STS participated in the Level II University Master programme in Infrastructural and Railway System Engineering with the La Sapienza University of Rome
  • Funded three scholarships for the Embedded System in Critical Domains project
  • Training and internships as part of the project to reform technical high schools (ITS)
  • See pages 143-144 for details on all the initiatives
  • TRADE ASSOCIATIONS: continue to play an active role in trade associations
  • In 2014, Ansaldo STS continued to pay an active role in trade associations. In particular, it joined UNIFE's Sustainable Transport Committee
  • COMMUNITY: continue to support social and cultural initiatives promoted by non-profit associations and institutions
  • Each year sees Ansaldo STS committed in various charitable events and sponsorships to fund cultural and humanitarian initiatives. In 2014, total donations and sponsorships amounted to roughly €270 thousand