Sustainability Governance

Ansaldo STS boasts a widespread presence on international markets with operations in disparate contexts and many different stakeholders, making governance of sustainability issues and the management of relationships between Ansaldo STS and its stakeholders of the utmost importance. Stakeholders include any party - individuals, groups, companies and institutions - that are public or private with a direct interest in the company’s activities.

Transparency and upstanding conduct in operations and trust and cooperation with stakeholders are the ethical principles to which Ansaldo STS aspires to effectively and loyally compete on markets, improve customer satisfaction, increase value for shareholders and develop the skills and professional growth of its human resources. The company’s socially responsible conduct leads to its focus on sustainable development, which for Ansaldo STS is two-fold:

  • it is tied to the achievement of the company's mission, which is to develop railway and urban rail transportation systems and create increasingly sophisticated products and solutions that are safe and environmentally-friendly;
  • it is based on the ways in which the company pursues its mission: Ansaldo STS has a corporate governance model, an internal control and risk management system and an integrated environment, safety and quality management system and it has established an internal sustainability committee, enabling it to continue on a sustainable growth path and ensuring that each member of its staff acts in accordance with a culture of responsibility.

Ansaldo STS is aware that its ability to develop efficient, long-term and, hence, sustainable solutions affects the quality of life of future generations.